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A fantastic start up package,specialising in manufacturing Cellulose insulation products which enjoys ever increasing demand from the markets due to Government Grants. Our client wishes to sell the business package including manufacturing process for the cost of equipment only. This is an ideal opportunity for an entrepreneur to establish a great business with great cash flow without paying for Goodwill.Asking price at $650000 plus gst and stock . For more information please call Lions now

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AN IMPORTANT POINT,CELLULOSE IS ECO FRIENDLY AND IT CONSUMES LESS THAN 8 TIMES THE ENERGY TO PRODUCE THAN WHAT FIBREGLASS BATTS TAKE IN ENERGY TO PRODUCE! This Cellulose manufacturing plant is designed and built in Australia, for Australian conditions and standards. The plant was designed to be operated by two persons and within the space of a 120sq meters, with minimal staff and infrastructure – enabling an owner operator to produce up to 300 x 12 kg bags of Australian standards cellulose insulation per day quite comfortably. The “Micro Cellulose Insulation Factory” is designed to work all day, every day if you wish to run it that much, and to be an efficient and trouble free plant, that turns waste newspaper into “Paper Gold”. 12 kg of cellulose fibre should cover 4 – 5 sq meters of ceiling to R3 at an installed price of $ 16 - $ 25 per square meter. Therefore your 300 bags a day should cover at least 1200 square meters (at say the cheapest selling price of $16) = $19200.00. Depending on the cost of your raw material the profits are enormous especially as the Federal Government has announced a $1600 grant to all homeowners for ceiling insulation. (Conditions apply). The cost to produce a 12kg bag in Brisbane at present is around $ 5.20 per bag (material cost incl bag and fasteners) As above therefore the cost of your 300 bags (a day) should be around $1560.00 (raw materials in Brisbane) that you would probably sell installed for around $19200.00. Labour, rent and overheads are not included. Or wholesale the insulation to other installers at $14.50 per bag (x 300) for a daily turnover of $4350.00 – cost of $1560 = $2790.00 Full Training will be made available at the plant in Brisbane but the cost of travel and accommodation is for your account if you are not local. Included in the training and purchase of the “Micro Cellulose Insulation Factory Equipment” are detailed instructions and contacts regarding you registering your new company as a manufacturer / installer with the appropriate Government departments. This will give your customers piece of mind that they are able to claim their $1600 rebate. ALL The red tape and jargon is explained and shown on how to register. The “Micro Cellulose Insulation Factory” is ready to operate and can be relocated to anywhere in Australia or with negotiations you can take over the present premises and cheap lease plus other stock and equipment at an agreed price. We are installing a machine that will triple the present capacity, as we cannot make enough insulation, we are therefore offering the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who sees the potential! We are happy to relocate our new plant to a new factory, as we would have to upgrade the present electricity supply from 100A per phase at present that is being used to operate the plant for sale.

Future Potential

The Federal Government has announced a $2,5 Billion grant to have as many owner occupied homes ceiling insulated over the next 2,5 years. That is a staggering 2,5 million homes. The Government will fund all such homes that at present do not have ceiling insulation to the sum of $1600.00 Many homes can be insulated with our GREEN cellulose blown in insulation that is fire proof, vermin proof, non irritant and completely fills all air gaps thereby providing a better insulation than many other alternative types of ceiling insulation. Cellulose Blown in insulation is by far the most ECO FRIENDLY system available, consuming less than 7 times the energy to produce as compared to fibreglass and batt insulation systems and is 90% recycled product – so you put the product in your ceiling NOT in the landfill. We make the cellulose insulation to Australian Standards and are registered with the Federal Government for the purpose of supplying insulation to ceilings throughout Australia in connection with the aforementioned grant. We have been operating since 1999 and the product we supply has a lifetime guarantee that you will give your customers. How do you fit in? As there are more than 2 million homes (estimated) to be done in the next 2,5 years and it is impossible for the present contractors and suppliers to even contemplate trying to cover that number of homes. Looking to make $3000 - $4000 per day? With the Federal Government Grant of $1600 to Homeowners we cannot cope with demand and are offering opportunities in QLD to cash in on this fantastic business that will be subsidised for the next 3 years by the Federal Government to homeowners (conditions apply). This has to be one of the most profitable and easy business's to own and operate in today’s times with most homeowners able to claim the rebate and in effect get the insulation for free! REMEMBER THAT CELLULOSE IS ECO FRIENDLY AND IT CONSUMES LESS THAN 8 TIMES THE ENERGY TO PRODUCE THAN WHAT FIBREGLASS BATTS TAKE IN ENERGY TO PRODUCE!

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