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Our client seeks a passionate and ambitious partner to help her in achieving the true potential of this business. The concept is unique and all the ground work have been done and now is ready for major lift off. Investment capital required is only $75000.For further information please contact Lions Brokerage Division

Best Attributes

This revolutionary party-plan style business is more than a 'job'. This business is fun, unique, financially rewarding and emotionally uplifting - this goes for the owner, every consultant and 100% of clients who have experienced this service. The main focus of the business is to empower women in their own environment. It easily attracts consultants who are emotionally intelligent, keen to expand their existing portfolio of services to women, and naturally disposed to one or more healing modalities. The business is set up to be very flexible for consultants to add their own 'flavour' to each event, so no two events are ever the same anywhere in the world. In fact, every consultant is actively encouraged to use her own skills to bring the highest level of integrity and enjoyment to each event. However, the manual and training supplied to each consultant means that the over-riding 'tone and manner' of the business is self-empowerment - it is our goal to connect every woman with her ultimate source of power - her authentic self.

Future Potential

The business is operated from Australia but has a global presence. Having made initial inroads to around one-dozen countries, there is room to establish strong franchises from these bases. It is not a multi-level marketing business, yet there is potential to structure it this way.

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